The Top-5 Headless Guitars: The Complete 2024 Guide

April 22, 2024|Guitar Gossip, New Guitars|

Introduction to Headless Guitars Headless guitars, characterized by their absence of a traditional headstock, have intrigued guitarists with their unique design and functional advantages since their introduction in the late 20th century. These guitars use specialized hardware at the [...]

Introducing the Tom DeLonge Starcaster: A Stellar Journey with Fender

April 19, 2024|New Guitars|

In a thrilling development for guitar enthusiasts and Blink-182 fans alike, Tom DeLonge, the band's iconic guitarist and an avid U.F.O. researcher, has once again partnered with Fender to launch a guitar that's truly out of this world. The [...]

Gibson Dual Falcon 20: A Versatile Amp for Stage and Studio

April 18, 2024|Equipment, New Gear|

Discover the Gibson Dual Falcon 20: A Fusion of Classic Tone and Modern Flexibility The Gibson Dual Falcon 20 stands out in the world of guitar combo amps, not only for its rich feature set and classic Gibson sound [...]

The Great Kim Thayil: Mastering The Iconic Guitar Sound

April 17, 2024|Guitarist Spotlight|

Kim Thayil: Grunge Pioneer and Guitar Innovator Kim Thayil, the lead guitarist for Soundgarden, is a pivotal figure in the development of grunge music. His innovative approach to guitar, characterized by downtuned, feedback-heavy riffs, helped define a generation of [...]

The Epiphone “Inspired by Gibson Custom” Series: Accessibility Meets Luxury

April 12, 2024|Equipment, New Guitars|

Epiphone: A Tradition Of Craftsmanship Epiphone’s legacy is marked by innovation and quality craftsmanship, providing instruments that cater to players of all levels without compromising the essence of a great guitar. Tracing its origins back to 1873 by luthier [...]

The Gibson Theodore Standard: A Controversial Debut for the latest Gibson Guitar

April 8, 2024|Equipment, New Guitars|

Calling all Gibson Guitar Enthusiasts Today, Get My Guitar is thrilled to introduce you to a piece that's ruffling feathers and plucking heartstrings in equal measure - the Gibson Theodore Standard. With its eye-catching design and soul-stirring sound, it's [...]

Tone King Gremlin: The Ultimate 5-Watt Bedroom Amp for Classic American Tones

April 5, 2024|Equipment, New Gear|

The Tone King Gremlin, a 5-watt wonder, might not be the latest release in the guitar amplifier world, but it continues to capture the hearts of guitarists worldwide. Revered for its ability to deliver the much-sought-after tones of blackface [...]

Electro-Harmonix Pico Attack Decay: A Tiny Titan of Sound Manipulation

April 1, 2024|Equipment, New Gear|

Electro-Harmonix PICO ATTACK DECAY Tape Reverse Awaken your inner sonic alchemist with the Electro-Harmonix Pico Attack Decay pedal. This unassuming little box packs a serious punch when it comes to transforming your guitar's sound into a mesmerizing dreamscape. [...]

Top Selling Chorus Guitar Pedals for 2024: Your Ultimate Guide

March 29, 2024|Equipment, New Gear|

In the ever-evolving world of guitar effects, one timeless classic continues to cast a spell on players with its ethereal shimmer and sonic depth—the chorus guitar pedal. As we step into 2024, the allure of the chorus effect remains [...]

Steve Lukather: Mastering the Iconic Guitar Sound

March 27, 2024|Guitarist Spotlight|

Steve Lukather: A Legacy of Virtusity and Tone When discussing guitar legends, Steve Lukather's name emerges with reverence. Known for his role in the Grammy-winning band Toto and his extensive session work, Lukather's guitar prowess spans genres, captivating listeners [...]

Joe Rogan’s First Chord: A Love Story with the Guitar

March 26, 2024|Guitar Gossip, Guitar News|

Joe Rogan's First Chord: A Love Story with the Guitar Once upon a time, in the land of podcasts and martial arts, our beloved Joe Rogan found himself in an unexpected romantic serenade with none other than the six-string [...]

A Deep Dive into Vibrato Guitar Pedals: Harness the Awesome Waves

March 22, 2024|New Gear|

Welcome to the oscillating world of guitar sounds, where the subtle art of vibrato can elevate your music to new emotional heights. Among the myriad effects at a guitarist's disposal, vibrato stands out for its ability to inject life [...]

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