Guess the Guitarist – The Ultimate Twitter Challenge Game

We’ve been making Twitter fun again by introducing our new challenge called, “Guess the Guitarist!” So why not test your own skills and join us on Twitter to get started. Make sure to follow GetmyGuitar first!

Guess The Guitairst Game

Guess the Guitarist

The concept is super simple really! We take an image of a famous guitarist and blur it out a little, add a few more filters, and then post it on Twitter asking fellow guitarists to guess who it is. Here is a sample of what a post looks like:

guess the guitarist sample post

Some images are harder than others to guess, but most of the time you can get it right after a couple of attempts.

The reason why we are posting about our Twitter challenge is to obviously boost the amount of people guessing. But we are also looking to add another layer to the game by keeping score of the correct answers on a leaderboard. With the eventual winner getting a prize after a set period of time.

Win Prizes for Correct Answers

Starting soon we will be keeping score of all the correct answers right here on our website. Then tally up the results at the end of each month to pick a winner who will receive a guitar related prize!  This could be strings or guitar merch to start, but if the challenge keeps growing we will hopefully be able to offer guitars or amps eventually. So it’s important to start guessing the right answers now lol!

So make sure to follow us and wait for the posts to follow. We usually post 1 to 2 times a day so they will be coming at you pretty quickly! And if you could retweet or share Guess the Guitarist to friends that would be awesome!

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