Acoustic Guitar Pickups

Step into our Acoustic Guitar Pickups category, where you’ll find a curated selection of pickups designed to amplify the natural sound of your acoustic guitar. Whether you’re playing intimate gigs, recording in the studio, or simply want to amplify your instrument for a larger audience, the right pickup can make all the difference in preserving the rich, authentic tones of your acoustic guitar.

Discover the Perfect Pickup for Your Acoustic Guitar

Our assortment of acoustic guitar pickups includes a variety of types to suit different needs and preferences:

  • Soundhole Pickups: Easily installed and removed, soundhole pickups are a popular choice for musicians seeking a non-invasive amplification solution with a warm, natural sound.
  • Under-Saddle Pickups: Offering high-fidelity sound reproduction, under-saddle pickups are installed beneath the saddle, capturing the guitar’s vibrations directly from the bridge for clear, articulate amplification.
  • Contact Pickups: These pickups attach to the surface of the guitar, picking up vibrations from the top and body, ideal for capturing the guitar’s full tonal range and resonance.
  • Microphone Systems: Some systems combine a small microphone with another pickup type, offering the most natural and dynamic representation of your guitar’s sound, perfect for studio-quality live performance.

Why Choose an Acoustic Guitar Pickup?

Incorporating a pickup into your acoustic guitar setup offers several benefits:

  • Amplification Without Compromise: High-quality pickups are designed to amplify your acoustic guitar without sacrificing its natural tone, ensuring your instrument’s voice is heard loud and clear.
  • Versatility: With a pickup installed, your acoustic guitar becomes more versatile, ready for any performance situation, from live gigs to impromptu jam sessions.
  • Feedback Control: Unlike miking an acoustic guitar, pickups are less prone to feedback, allowing you to play at higher volumes with confidence.
  • Creativity: Pickups open up new creative possibilities, allowing you to experiment with effects and amplification settings that can inspire new directions in your music.

Our Acoustic Guitar Pickups category features products from trusted brands, ensuring you’ll find a pickup that captures the true essence of your instrument while meeting your performance needs. Whether you’re a singer-songwriter, a gigging musician, or an acoustic aficionado, the right pickup can elevate your sound, bringing the beauty of your acoustic guitar to the forefront. Explore our selection and find the ideal pickup to complement your acoustic guitar’s natural voice.

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