Headphone Amps

Our Headphone Amps category is tailored for musicians seeking a personal and immersive playing experience without external disturbances. Ideal for quiet practice sessions at home, pre-show warm-ups, or enjoying your instrument without intruding on others’ space, these amps deliver high-quality sound directly to your headphones.

Featuring leading brands such as Boss, Fender, NUX, and Vox, our selection offers a range of options to suit different preferences and requirements. From wireless systems that provide the freedom to move to compact plug-in models that bring iconic amp tones directly to your ears, every guitarist and bassist can find their match.

Highlighted Headphone Amps

Boss Waza Air Bass Wireless Headphone Bass Amp: Delivers immersive, studio-quality bass tones with the convenience of a wireless setup.

Boss Waza Air Wireless Headphone Guitar Amp: Offers a wireless headphone amp experience, combining premium Boss sound with untethered convenience.

Fender Mustang Micro Amp with Effects: A compact amp that provides a selection of Fender’s renowned amp tones and effects, ideal for on-the-go practice.

NUX Mighty Plug MP-3 Remote Modeling Earphone Amp: A versatile device featuring a variety of amp models and effects for a comprehensive practice session.

Vox Amplug Series: Provides classic AC30 tones and other genre-specific sounds in a compact, plug-and-play format, embodying Vox’s signature warmth.

Benefits of Using a Headphone Amp

Headphone amps are an indispensable tool for musicians due to their:

Privacy: Allows for practice without disturbing others, perfect for any time of the day or night and for shared living spaces.

Portability: Their small size and lightweight design make these amps highly portable, ensuring you can play anywhere.

Variety of Tones: These amps enable players to explore a broad spectrum of tones and effects without needing a full amplifier setup.

Functionality: Many models come equipped with additional features like auxiliary inputs, enabling players to jam along with tracks, further enhancing the practice experience.

Explore our Headphone Amps category to find the ideal solution for your personal practice needs. Whether you’re looking to quietly refine your skills, explore new sounds, or enjoy your instrument freely, our selection of headphone amps is designed to support your musical journey.

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