Fender Pickups & Preamps

Welcome to our Fender Pickups & Preamps category, a treasure trove for guitarists and bassists seeking to refine or redefine their instrument’s voice. Fender, a legendary name in the music industry, has been synonymous with exceptional tone and quality for decades. This category showcases a wide array of Fender’s pickups and preamps, designed to elevate your sound whether you’re playing a vintage Stratocaster, a modern Jazz Bass, or anything in between.

Elevate Your Instrument with Fender Pickups & Preamps

  • Versatile Range: From the iconic twang of a Telecaster bridge pickup to the warm depth of a Precision Bass neck pickup, find the perfect match for your playing style and genre.
  • Authentic Fender Tone: Capture the classic sounds that made Fender instruments legendary, with pickups and preamps meticulously crafted to replicate vintage tones and embrace modern clarity.
  • Easy Upgrades: Transform your guitar or bass with Fender’s user-friendly pickups and preamps, offering a straightforward way to upgrade your sound without extensive modifications.
  • Innovative Technology: Benefit from Fender’s continuous innovation, with noiseless pickups and cutting-edge preamps that enhance your sound while preserving the character of your instrument.

Featured Fender Pickups & Preamps

Our collection includes a diverse selection of Fender’s finest, catering to a broad spectrum of musical needs:

  • Stratocaster Pickups: Upgrade your Strat with a set of Custom Shop Fat ’50s for a blast from the past, or go modern with a set of Gen 4 Noiseless pickups for pristine, hum-free tones.
  • Telecaster Pickups: From the biting twang of Vintage ’52 Tele pickups to the hot output of Texas Specials, find the Telecaster sound that speaks to you.
  • Jazz Bass Pickups: Achieve the classic Jazz Bass growl and clarity with Vintage Noiseless pickups, or opt for Custom Shop ’60s pickups for authentic, vintage-inspired tones.
  • Precision Bass Pickups: Give your P-Bass the upgrade it deserves with Original ’62 P-Bass pickups for that timeless Fender thump, or modernize your sound with a set of V-Mod pickups.

Whether you’re chasing the classic tones heard on countless recordings or crafting a sound uniquely your own, Fender’s pickups and preamps offer the quality and tone you need. Dive into our Fender Pickups & Preamps category and discover the components that will bring your musical vision to life, with the reliability and tonal excellence only Fender can provide.

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