Fender American Vintage II 1961 Stratocaster

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Fender American Vintage II 1961 Stratocaster


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The Fender® American Vintage II series presents a remarkably accurate take on the revolutionary designs that altered the course of musical history. Built with period-accurate bodies, necks and hardware, premium finishes and meticulously voiced, year-specific pickups, each instrument captures the essence of authentic Fender craftsmanship and tone. During the late ’50s and early ’60s, the popularity of Fender musical instruments flourished, and although the Fender assortment had expanded to include many great new instruments, the Stratocaster® reigned supreme. By 1961, the Stratocaster had taken on a more refined aesthetic, with a 3-Color Sunburst reformulated with a more vibrant red and bolder black edge, topped with a 3-ply pickguard accenting the Strat’s signature curves. Featuring a premium alder body, a trio of Pure Vintage 1961 Stratocaster pickups and a medium “C”-Shaped maple neck mated with a 7.25″ radius slab rosewood fingerboard, the American Vintage II 1961 Stratocaster reproduces the quintessential tone and feel of the original. Other appointments include a vintage-accurate synchronized tremolo with cold rolled steel block and bent steel saddles, single-line “Fender Deluxe” tuners and 3-ply pickguard. The instruments in the American Vintage II series are direct descendants of the original Fenders: designed for players with a fine appreciation for vintage Fender tone and feel and built with unmatched quality, down to the last screw. These are Fender electrics in their purest form: Fender American Vintage II, the stuff of legends. American Vintage II 1961 Stratocaster®, Rosewood Fingerboard, 3-Color Sunburst | Fender American Vintage II 1961 Stratocaster


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