The Mexican Skull Guitar Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

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The Mexican Skull Guitar Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker


Bring the Fiesta Anywhere with “The Mexican Skull Guitar” Blackwater Bluetooth Speaker

Turn every outing into a fiesta with “The Mexican Skull Guitar” Blackwater Bluetooth Speaker, the rugged, go-anywhere companion that’s as vibrant and durable as your love for music. Inspired by the colorful energy of Mexican artistry, this speaker is perfect for adventurers who carry a melody in their heart and a rhythm in their step.

Vibrant Sound, Vibrant Design:
With its bright, eye-catching “Mexican Skull Guitar” design, this speaker isn’t just a sound accessory—it’s a piece of portable art. Every song is infused with the spirit of a Mexican festival, ensuring that wherever you are, it’s never dull.

Adventure-Proof Audio:
IPX6-certified waterproofing means that not even a splash can dampen your spirits. From hiking trails to beach parties, this speaker is ready for anything. Its compact size won’t weigh you down, and with the included carabiner clip, it’s always within reach when the urge to dance strikes.

Stay Connected in the Wild:
Don’t let the wilderness silence your calls. With the built-in microphone and music controls, you can switch from tunes to talks without missing a beat. Keep the conversation flowing as easily as the music.

Reliable Range and Playtime:
A Bluetooth working range of 33 feet liberates you from your device, giving you the freedom to roam. Plus, with 2 hours of music at max volume, your soundtrack is ready to go as long as your journey lasts.

Compact and Convenient:
Designed to be the perfect travel buddy, the Blackwater Bluetooth Speaker is small in size but big on sound. It comes with a micro USB charging cable for quick power-ups between your adventures.

Water Resistant Wonder:
The IPX6 Water Resistant rating ensures your speaker can handle the elements, making it as resilient as it is striking. Rain or shine, the music plays on.

A Note on Design:
While “The Mexican Skull Guitar” design brings a bold and festive touch, please note that smaller text and intricate graphics may be affected by the speaker grill’s holes. But worry not, the spirit of the design remains impactful and will make your speaker stand out.

Whether you’re scaling mountains or exploring urban jungles, “The Mexican Skull Guitar” Blackwater Bluetooth Speaker is your passport to a musical adventure. Clip it on and turn the world into your stage..:

  • Compact size
    Built-in microphone and music controls
    Carabiner clip included
    IPX6 Water Resistant
    NB! Small text and graphics may not render properly due to the holes in the speaker grill


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