Strumming Through the Week: A Look at the Latest Guitar News This Week

Weekly Guitar News

Hey guitar enthusiasts! The week has strummed along swiftly, bringing with it a medley of guitar news that’s resonating across the musical sphere. The guitar realm is ever-evolving, with new models being unveiled, legends reuniting, and the magic of vintage guitars making headlines. Let’s tune into the latest guitar news that has the music community buzzing.

New Models Hitting the Guitar Scene:

Topping the charts in the guitar news this week is the unveiling of the Epiphone Kirk Hammett 1979 Flying V. This bold and beautiful guitar, showcased in a striking Purple Metallic finish, is a tribute to Kirk Hammett’s original 1979 Flying V that has powered many of his iconic performances. The Epiphone rendition captures the essence of Hammett’s prized guitar, bringing a blend of vintage aesthetics and modern functionality. It’s a guitar that echoes the rich history of rock and metal, while offering a robust platform for the modern guitarist to explore new sonic horizons. The allure of this guitar goes beyond its vibrant finish; it’s a piece of musical history reborn for the contemporary player. Read more about it here.

Following closely is the unveiling of the new Vox Giulietta VGA-5TD guitar model. This contemporary archtop acoustic-electric guitar is more than just a stringed beauty; it’s a showcase of innovation. The Giulietta VGA-5TD comes with onboard digital modeling courtesy of the brand’s AREOS-D system, allowing players to access not only a rich variety of acoustic and electric guitar sounds but also synth sounds. This guitar is ready to rock any stage with its built-in reverb and overdrive features, available in two color variants – Natural/Gunmetal and Pearl Orange, adding a visual appeal to its technical prowess.

Legends and Legendary Guitars:

In another stirring piece of guitar news, the homecoming of Mike Portnoy to Dream Theater has created waves. The news of Portnoy working on a new album with the band comes a decade after his departure, marking a full circle of musical camaraderie. This reunion has fans and band members alike buzzing with excitement for the new rhythms that are set to grace the music world​2​.

The magic of vintage guitars also captured attention this week with Jason Momoa acquiring a 1934 Martin D-28 acoustic guitar, believed to be the first of its kind. This acquisition symbolizes the timeless allure of vintage guitars, connecting past craftsmanship with present-day musical ventures. Momoa’s new old guitar is not just a musical instrument but a piece of history, echoing the tunes of yesteryears with every strum.

Check out this YouTube video featuring Jason Mamoa and his Martin D-28.

This Weeks Guitar News Conclusion:

The guitar world is a vibrant realm, continually echoing with the news of innovations, reunions, and the allure of vintage instruments. This week’s guitar news brings to light the beautiful blend of tradition and innovation in guitar manufacturing, the joy of musical reunions, and the timeless charm of new and vintage guitars. Stay tuned to our weekly guitar news roundup for more tales of strings, frets, and melodies that keep the guitar world strumming along joyously.

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