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The Guitarist Design

Introducing our new “Guitarist” design!

Why is the ‘R’ turned around, you ask?

Because the guitar has a remarkable power to resonate with people’s souls, and it can truly turn lives around. This unique design symbolizes the transformative impact of music and the guitar, reminding us that when we pluck those strings, we’re not just making music, but we’re making a connection, a change, and a statement.

The reversed “R” in the text is also orange for a reason. The color Orange is associated with optimism, creativity and energy which is the perfect color for a guitarist or musician.

The Guitarist Design Promo Image

The Guitarist design is now available in a knit hat beanie, snap back hat and T-shirts in multiple colors. With popularity or requests we will be adding more product options over the next few weeks featuring this design.

At Get my Guitar, we are all about uniting guitarists and musicians and spreading positive energy out into the World. So incorporating positive messages into our design is the prefect way to represent our values. It’s all about community with us, so seeing people wearing our design would mean we are doing something right.

The Guitarist

The Guitarist is currently available on both our Amazon & Etsy stores in the US and the United Kingdom at the links below.

Each purchase of any Get my Guitar product helps us keep doing what we are doing. And that means we can keep on coming up with cool and interactive ways to engage our guitarist community to grow larger and larger and more connected. We’re not a large corporation with huge budgets, we just do what we do because of our love for guitars. And ingraining ourselves in this community makes it all worthwhile. And that’s why we’d like to thank anyone who spends their money on anything we create. It means a great deal!

Get Featured Wearing our Merch

If you would like to be featured wearing any of our gear please feel free to snap an image and send it to us via our contact form or on Twitter. We would love to showcase some of our community members wearing our official merch! The more creative you get with the pictures the better.

And remember to include your guitars in those images. Let’s see what you are rocking!

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