Top 10 List of Odd and Unique Guitar Accessories for the Eccentric Guitarist

The Eccentric Guitarist

For the guitarist who loves to march to the beat of their own drum, the world of guitar accessories is a playground of possibilities. Beyond the standard capos and tuners, there lies a realm of quirky, offbeat accessories waiting to jazz up your guitar life. Here, we delve into the top 10 odd and unique guitar accessories that will not only turn heads but also bring a dash of fun to your strum.

Our Top 10 Unique Guitar Accessories List

  1. LED Fretboard Guitar Learning Lights: What better way to learn your way around a fretboard than to illuminate it with LEDs? Just think of playing along to a song and knowing exactly what notes you could use for a solo. This learning aid shows you the different scales all the way up the neck which is perfect for beginners looking to navigate the major scales or the minor pentatonic. Check it out: Available on Amazon.
  2. LED Guitar Picks: Never lose your pick on a dark stage again with an LED guitar pick. Plus, they add such a cool look as you strum your most beloved guitar, it’s almost like a separate light show for the audience. Check it out: Available on Amazon
  3. Guitar Pick Holder Strap: Ever dropped a pick and then had to sprint back to the mic stand to grab a replacement? Well, fear no more when you add a guitar pick holder strap which conveniently places a replacement guitar pick right on your arm. Check it out: Available on Amazon.
  4. Guitar Pick Case: As guitarists we collect a lot of different picks in many shapes, sizes and colors. Most of them we lose or break or just toss into a crowd of five. But, with a guitar pick case we can store and organize our picks neatly and safely making sure we never lose another one. Available on Amazon.
  5. Guitar String Fuel Cleaner: Keep your strings fresh and tonally rich with a string fuel cleaner, an odd but useful accessory for the meticulous guitarist that wants to keep those strings looking brand new. Available on Amazon.
  6. Fret Wraps: Eliminate unwanted string noise with fret wraps. They’re not only functional but come in various designs to suit your style. Check it out: Available on Amazon
  7. Guitar Humidifier: Protect your guitar from dry conditions with a guitar humidifier, a must-have for the guitarist residing in arid climates. But they can be critical to maintaining the long life of your acoustic guitar. That wood just wants to bend and warp so this is a great and smart purchase to stop it from doing anything untoward. Check it out: Available on Get my Guitar
  8. Multi-Tool for Guitars: A multi-tool geared for guitars is the Swiss army knife for every guitarist, providing a quick fix for the most common guitar ailments. And let’s face it, you only need it when you REALLY need it, right! Check it out: Available on Amazon
  9. Slide Ring: Slide into your notes with a slide ring, a sleek alternative to traditional slides with much more of a learning curve. But it can be a lot of fun to single out those strings and notes and slide up without people knowing how you are getting that sweet sound. Check it out: Available on Amazon
  10. Ebow (Electronic Bow for Guitar): Create endless sustain and unique sound effects with an Ebow, turning your guitar into an orchestra of sound. This product is the “real-deal” and adds such a unique sound to your playing. Check it out: Available on Get my Guitar

Conclusion: These unconventional accessories are bound to spark conversations and inspire creativity in your musical journey. While they might be seen as odd, they each serve a unique purpose, catering to different needs and aesthetic preferences of guitarists. Dive into the eccentric side of guitar accessories on and discover gadgets that resonate with your quirky guitarist soul.

Any Odd Ball Suggestions?

We covered 1o products in this article. But if you have something many would consider odd or taboo please let us know in the comments below. Maybe we can add it to our list.

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