Joe Rogan’s First Chord: A Love Story with the Guitar

Joe Rogan Guitar

Joe Rogan’s First Chord: A Love Story with the Guitar

Once upon a time, in the land of podcasts and martial arts, our beloved Joe Rogan found himself in an unexpected romantic serenade with none other than the six-string seductress herself – the guitar. The cupid playing matchmaker? Blues virtuoso Gary Clark Jr., armed with a Takamine 12-string guitar and a heart full of tunes.

The First Dance with Six Strings: Joe Rogan’s Guitar Epiphany

The scene was set on The Joe Rogan Experience, a place where minds are expanded, and souls are bared. But little did Joe know that this day would mark his first dance with the strings. Gary Clark Jr., with the grace of a true blues maestro, serenaded the airwaves with “Habits” from his latest album “JPEG Raw.” The notes floated, weaving a spell only music can cast, and there, in that magical interlude, we saw it – the spark in Joe’s eyes, the kind we’ve all felt when we strummed our first chord.

Strumming Through Challenges: Joe’s E Chord Adventure

After the performance, Gary handed over the guitar, and Joe, with the enthusiasm of a knight taking up his sword, positioned his fingers to form an E chord. “Well, can you pull up an E chord?” Gary asked Jamie, Joe tinged with the excitement of embarking on a new journey. The guitar, however, had its own plans as Joe for obvious reasons needed help with his fingering, Gary coached Joe and even pushed his fingers into the right positions, his words a gentle nudge in the intricate dance of learning.

It wasn’t perfect. Joe fumbled, his fingers unaccustomed to the strings’ embrace, the 12-string guitar an ambitious choice for a first date. But there was something undeniably beautiful in the attempt, a reminder of our own clumsy beginnings with the instrument we now hold dear. “You’re on your way to the best folk song anybody’s ever heard,” Gary encouraged, his words a testament to the universal journey of music discovery.

To see this heartwarming moment, check out the ‘guitar lesson’ video from the podcast episode below. Witness Joe Rogan’s face light up as he begins to play his first chord, and you’ll see the same spark of love for music that ignited in many of us when we first strummed our guitars. It captures the magic of music at first touch, a feeling we can all relate to.

The Takamine 12-String: More Than Just a Guitar

In this enchanting musical encounter, the instrument of choice was no ordinary guitar, but a Takamine 12-string, renowned for its rich, harmonically complex sound that adds depth and dimension to every chord. The Takamine, with its doubled strings, presents a unique challenge and charm, offering a fuller, more resonant tone that can turn even the simplest of chords into a symphony.

Here are some of the remarkable 12-string Takamine guitars from Get My Guitar, each with its own character:

Takamine GJ72CE12 12 Str Ac El Gtr Natural

Takamine GD30CE 12 St Ac El Cutaway Natural

Takamine GJ72CE12 12 Str Ac El Gtr Brown SB

  • Takamine GD37CE12 AE WB Pearl White: The pearl white finish and cutaway design make this guitar not only visually striking but also versatile, providing easy access to higher frets for more adventurous playing.

Takamine GD37CE12 AE WB Pearl White

  • Takamine P3DC12 AEG WC Natural Satin: This premium model offers unparalleled quality and sound, with a natural satin finish that highlights the wood’s natural beauty. It’s a masterpiece for serious musicians.

Takamine P3DC12 AEG WC Natural Satin

Takamine GD30CE 12 St Ac El Cutaway Black

Takamine EF381SC 12 Str Ac El Gtr Black WC

Takamine EF400SCTT 12 St Ac El Gtr WC Natural

Takamine John Jorgenson 12 St Ac El Gtr Red WC

Takamine John Jorgenson 12 String AEG WG Gl Stain

Takamine GD38CE Acoustic Electric 12-St Guitar Blk

Each of these Takamine 12-string guitars brings something special to the table, from the warmth and depth of their tones to the beauty of their craftsmanship. Whether you’re just beginning your journey or you’re a seasoned player like Joe, there’s a Takamine here that’s sure to resonate with your musical soul.

Gary Clark Jr.’s Latest Masterpiece: “JPEG Raw”

In the midst of teaching Joe Rogan the magic of the E chord, Gary Clark Jr. also graced us with a taste of his latest musical endeavor, “JPEG Raw.” This album, which officially dropped on March 22, is yet another testament to Clark’s prowess as a modern-day blues legend.

“JPEG Raw” is more than just an album; it’s a raw, unfiltered journey into the heart and soul of Gary Clark Jr. Known for his ability to blend genres seamlessly, Clark continues to push boundaries, melding the blues with rock, soul, and a touch of funk to create a sound that’s uniquely his own. The album is a collection of stories, each track weaving its own narrative of love, struggle, and redemption.

The performance of “Habits” from the album on The Joe Rogan Experience was a sneak peek into the depth and diversity of “JPEG Raw.” The song, with its haunting melody and introspective lyrics, showcases Clark’s ability to capture the complexities of human emotion in his music.

For fans and newcomers alike, “JPEG Raw” is an invitation to experience the world through Gary Clark Jr.’s eyes—and ears. It’s a reminder of the power of music to connect, to heal, and to inspire. So, whether you’re a longtime admirer of Clark’s work or just discovering his music for the first time, “JPEG Raw” promises to be a compelling addition to your playlist, offering something for everyone in its rich tapestry of sounds.


If Joe Rogan’s first strum has shown us anything, it’s that the magic of music, especially through the guitar, knows no bounds. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned podcaster, a martial artist, or a blues virtuoso like Gary Clark Jr.; the guitar offers a universal language that speaks directly to the soul. Watching Joe take his first steps into this world reminds us all of the initial spark that drew us to pick up a guitar for the first time—the curiosity, the challenge, and ultimately, the sheer joy of creating music.

So, if you’ve been on the fence, wondering if it’s too late or if you’re “not musical enough” to start playing, let Joe Rogan’s journey inspire you. Grab a guitar, be it a humble six-string or an ambitious 12-string like the Takamine, and just start strumming. Who knows? You might find yourself, like Joe, unexpectedly falling in love with the endless possibilities that a few chords and a bit of passion can unlock.

And while you’re at it, let Gary Clark Jr.’s “JPEG Raw” be the soundtrack to your new musical adventure. Allow his soulful melodies and raw storytelling to guide you through the ups and downs of learning, reminding you that every great musician started with a single chord, a simple riff, or a humble strum.

The world of guitar playing is vast and welcoming, full of community, creativity, and connection. So why wait any longer? Pick up that guitar, find your chord, and join the ever-growing symphony of players who’ve discovered the incomparable joy of making music. Who knows? Maybe you, too, will soon be serenading the world with your songs, just like Joe Rogan and Gary Clark Jr.

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