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Once upon a time, five young lads formed a band while jamming away in music college. Our dreams were as big as our sound—becoming the most famed band across the globe and rolling in riches. We envisaged world tours and live gigs before a sea of adoring fans.

Fast forward through the sands of time, and there we were, tucked away in office cubicles, perspiring like there’s no tomorrow thanks to a broken AC. The sight of guitars, drums, and mics had been replaced by keyboards, mousepads, and dull flickering monitors.

And the rich part? Let’s just say, no. But the beat in our hearts played on…

Dave & Elliot GMG Founders


The five of us drifted apart over the years, as life often has a way of orchestrating. Yet, thanks to the digital magic of the internet, two of us, David and Elliot, rekindled the old tunes of friendship. Our reminiscing session soon hit the nostalgic notes of our glory days (or the lack thereof).

That’s David and Elliot you see in the image above, swapping instruments for a one-off gig. Though in the band, Elliot strummed the guitar while Dave was on bass, their love for the guitar was a tune they both vibed to, lol.

Now in our 40’s, the longing for the music chatter, live venues, and the inspiration from the greats we aspired to emulate, struck a chord. However, with lives unfolded on separate continents (US & Australia), it wasn’t about “getting the band back together.”

Our desire to reconnect with the guitarist community and contribute was strong. The idea was to plunge right into what we cherished the most, and thus, Get My Guitar was birthed!

Currently, we’re guitar-less (yeah, it’s that dire, lol), which fueled our resolve to do more than just reminiscing. So, here we are with Get My Guitar—a platform aimed at easing the guitar buying journey. We curate new guitars and gear from various online stores, ensuring you don’t hop around websites to snag the best deal.

When you make a purchase through our store link, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps keep Get My Guitar alive, inching us closer to owning a guitar again, lol.

But we envision GMG to be a vibrant community beyond just commerce. We aim to rekindle the love for music, encouraging everyone to strum a chord just like we did back in the day.

We’ve brainstormed and integrated some fun elements like our “Guess the Guitarist” quiz game, which has been a blast. We also indulge in crafting cool, retro, and inspirational designs reflecting the guitar’s essence.

Everything on GMG—our website and social platforms—is a creative collaboration between us, devoid of the incessant sales pitch. We’re here to earn your trust and engagement, not just hawk products.

We aren’t a corporate juggernaut; we’re just two pals with a guitar-shaped void, chatting endlessly about music while our better halves have tuned us out, lol.

Our mission with GMG extends to healing souls with music, providing instruments to those who can’t afford them, and reintroducing music in schools. We aim to spotlight everyday guitar heroes, sharing their tales of musical endeavor on our blog.

We remember the warmth and camaraderie of the guitarist community when we first strummed our guitars. It was a haven of shared passion and learning. We aim to recreate that sense of community, hoping GMG becomes a resource that resonates with your guitarist heart.

We want to champion the everyday guitar player! Some of you are doing incredible things with your instruments and bands and never get the opportunity to share your passions or projects. Well now you can! Our blog will be full of interviews with inspiring everyday people doing incredible things in the guitar world. We don’t care how many followers you have, we want to hear your stories.

When we both picked up our guitars back in the day we were embraced by the guitarist community, people helped us, taught us and gave us incredible advice when we needed it. We were part of something very special at the time. And we want to return to that feeling of community again. So, we hope that David & myself can provide you with a resource in Get my Guitar that makes you as proud to be a guitarist as we are.

A huge thank you for the love and support. It’s a melody that keeps us going! We’re thrilled to interact with you, hear your stories, and share this musical journey. So, here’s to many more chords, strums, and tunes. Let the music play on!


Image of Elliot

Latest Fav Bands

  • Greta Van Fleet
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  • Muse

All Time Fav Bands

  • Queen
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  • Brian May
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Funny Factoid

Once carved into his guitar with a hammer and chisel to bore out a space to fit a Brian May type self-made pickup phaser system.



Latest Fav Bands

  • Coldplay
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  • Queens OTSA
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Muse

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  • Led Zeppelin
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  • Jimmy Page
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Funny Factoid

Once met House actor Hugh Laurie in a guitar store in London! He was playing a piano in a room upstairs.